Facebook Acted On 45 Percent of Users’ Complaints in March

As per the category-wise information disclosed by Meta, Facebook acted only on around 8 per cent of grievances raised by users for their “account has been hacked”, 22 per cent in case of “inappropriate or abusive content” and 23 per cent in case of “bullying or harassment”.

The social media platform took action on less than one-fourth of grievances in cases where users have objected to the content which they claimed was showing them in nudity or partial nudity or in a sexual act.

Facebook received a total 7,193 grievances from users and provided tools for users to resolve their issues in 1,903 cases.

“Of the other 5,290 reports where specialized review was needed, we reviewed content as per our policies, and we took action on 1,300 reports in total,” Meta said in the report for Facebook.

Author: h00p1n9

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