Google Introduces Passkeys As A Password Replacement

Microsoft has a definite lead in the AI chatbot race ever since it decided to invest $10 billion in OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. The company got access to the popular AI chatbot which is now part of Bing, Office and more.

But even today, you have many entities that are hesitant to utilise the AI applications owing to privacy concerns, something that has forced Samsung to ban use of AI chatbots for its employees. But it seems Microsoft has a solid plan to work its way around these issues, by offering a private version of ChatGPT that will focus on data privacy and compliance with regulations.

The private ChatGPT will operate through dedicated servers, the report mentions, which goes a long way to assure the businesses that their data and information will not make it to the public domain. And because of these specifications, the price of this ChatGPT avatar is likely to be 10 times more than what people pay currently for the standard version of ChatGPT.

These decisions from Microsoft clearly shows them thinking about ChatGPT beyond a regular AI chatbot. After all, the chatbot is now capable of using the internet to derive answers via third-party plugins.

Other tech giants like Google and Meta are still working on their AI chatbot versions, while the industry is already posing questions about the viability of using AI and how it could impact jobs in the years to come.

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